Seeds to Celebrations


The beginning always starts with A SEED. The seed starting has begun.  One thing I have learnt is to be patient, prepare yes, but not to get too enthusiastic with the seed sowing process too early in the season. It actually involves a lot of self restraint when all I have longed for all winter is to get my hands into soil.  I was born in April, that is a sign surely!

The winter always appears long and drawn out to me. During this time I sort through all the seeds I managed to save throughout the year. Selecting them is easy, coordinating them into design elements is  for me a challenge. So now you know, I like the challenge but I also live for the hope. The hope that I actually have nurtured the seedlings carefully so that I then have the plants. For me it's an enjoyable journey, hence my statement  "From Seed To Celebrations".

This post marks the beginning of the growing season.  Its a wonderful time in the year at Wild Carrot Flowers. I am delighted to have this website, kindly designed by Charlotte  Pattinson and even more excited that throughout the season Charlotte will photograph and document the process involved in bringing Seeds to Celebrations to reality alongside me.

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