Lisa grew up in the wild and vast moors of North Yorkshire between land and sea , providing select and specialist food sources where Lisa and her family foraged and grew fruits. The vast and varied landscape inspired Lisa to pursue a career in Hospitality and Catering. Whilst working alongside head chefs and local food suppliers the local and seasonal seed was planted. Working in prestigious gastro hotels where the seasons bounty was celebrated, local and seasonal is more than a passion for Lisa, its her way of life. The driving force for Wild Carrot Flowers. 

Wild Carrot Flowers is a small cut flower garden with a design studio, utilising all the seasonal flowers that Lisa grows, from Seed to Celebration whatever you may be celebrating. Weddings, anniversaries, promotions, retirements thank- you bouquets , Lisa offers you a personal service. A professional floral service, that compliments her traditional floristry training, fresh from the gardens. 

Occasionally Lisa offers floral workshops and gatherings and may pop up at local events with her cultivated British Flowers. The flowers are cultivated using organic principles, many grown from seeds Lisa has saved.